If only there were more hours in the day…

If you have uttered those words to yourself on more than one occasion then it is time you considered working with a Virtual Assistant.

I’m here to take the load off your shoulders by managing the tasks have been pushed to the bottom of the list.

Rates & Packages

For clients requiring low level admin for short term or small jobs

$25 per hour

I track my time and bill after work is completed. *2hrs. Minimum required.

Project Based

For clients with a specific project

50% due upon receipt of order
50% upon completion

Will be a quoted amount based on time needed to complete project.

Best option for clients who have consistent work on a regular basis

Basic 10 hours: $225 - Savings of $25

Standard 15 hours: $325 – Savings of $50

Premium 20 hours: $425 – Savings of $75

Fees are due before start of services
Used in 30 minute increments until all hours are used
Unused hours expire after 90 days