Leah is a social media manager that thrives on helping business owners accomplish their dreams by tackling their to-do list! She loves helping small businesses shine on social media so they can gain the exposure they deserve.

Alabama born and Georgia raised, Leah began her college career pursuing nursing with a strong passion for serving others. While working with a variety of nonprofits and small business owners, she discovered that she loved working behind the scene (or behind the screen!) on projects that help bring awareness while protecting the reputation of each brand on and off line.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that forces her to take it easy from time to time, she learned to use that time productively. She was inspired to start Loves Media so that she could spread her love of helping others while embracing healthy days and days of limited mobility. She is amazingly fulfilled by checking off to-do lists and watching business owners become passionate about their businesses again.

When she isn't scrolling through pinterest looking for new decor ideas or reading reviews to find a new restaurant to experience, you may find Leah with her camera in hand trying to find the right angle for the perfect photograph!

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